TWD: Whole Wheat Loaves


Ryan’s rating: 4.5 stars

When I signed up to be a part of the TWD group, I hesitated a bit due to all of the bread recipes in Baking with Julia.  I *thought* I was not all that interested in baking bread.  Now, after a few different bread baking attempts under my belt, I have found that the recipes have been the easiest to execute, with the most exciting results (perhaps because I just expect my bread baking attempts to be failures), and the most delicious! These whole wheat loaves did not disappoint.  We loved the resulting soft and wheaty loaves.  This bread is perfect slathered with butter and honey.  It also makes great sandwich bread.  We loved this bread and will absolutely be baking it again!

Michele and Teresa hosted this week; the recipe can be found on either of their blogs.