TWD: Berry Galette


Ryan’s rating: 4 stars

What a pleasant surprise!  I approached this week’s recipe expecting to not be all that impressed by the berry galette.  I have a go-to rustic tart recipe that I have used successfully on many occasions, and so I was not expecting to be won over by this version.  However, the recipe for this berry galette is a bit more streamlined, and thus less time consuming, than the rustic tart version.  In addition, my rustic tart recipe has a dough that is basically a pie dough, whereas the addition of the cornmeal and the high moisture level of the galette dough make it a bit different (and indeed a welcome variation) from a classic pie dough.  Because the texture of the galette dough was a bit more dense than a pie dough (at least this was the case with the batch I made), I found it to be a bit more sturdy, which was great both for presentation and for serving.  My final rave about this recipe is that while the final product is most definitely a dessert, it is one of those less-sweet desserts because the berry filling (I used a combination of raspberries and blueberries) is just barely sweetened with a tablespoon each of honey and sugar.  It is therefore perfect, and not overly sweet or rich, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I will absolutely make this berry galette again, as I think it is one of those few desserts that is perfect for entertaining - it can be made a few hours ahead of time; it makes for a simple, yet beautiful presentation; it serves perfectly; and everyone loves fresh berries!

Lisa and Andrea hosted this week; the recipe can be found on either of their blogs.